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January 19, 2021 • written by

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Michelle had a lot of fun with the writing exercises.

What she learned:

Explained why use simple sentences.

Complex words impair your communication in business and professional settings.

Simple words that flow is better than advanced words that stall.

Discussion about her past work.

People are less conscious about your mistakes.

This gives you an opportunity to practice and improve yourself.

Discussion about Tutorial Services as a potential source of income.

How to earn money tutoring students.

Directing your efforts toward potential customers who can pay you.

Why it would be great for both the teacher and the student to have online sessions instead of in-person sessions.

Lowered expenses means I can offer more affordable rates.

One benefit is we record the sessions so the student has a reference.

How to build an online reputation and eventually offer personal services.

Discussion on prices and marketing strategy.

My experience offering tutorial service.

Meeting people in person limits the number of students that you can serve.

I can only assist two students if I meet students in person.

Commute eats up too much time.

You are better off charging less if the sessions are online.

A benefit of online lessons is you can provide recording and screen sharing.

We don’t share personal information of students for privacy reasons.

How to introduce yourself.

First name and last name rule.

You want to be comfortable saying:

Hi my name is FIRSTNAME!

Extroverted and introverted students require different teaching styles.

Extroverts find the things that I teach super basic.

What is common sense to extraverted people are not common sense to introverted people.

Extroverts and introverts are totally different people in how they think.

Short discussion about personality psychology course that I recently took.

In December, we shared an opportunity about sponsored scholarship in the online course.

Discussion about introverts and extroverts.

It’s a good idea to pick up a new skills to make yourself a complete person.

Choose skills that compliments your personality.

You want the skills to neutralize the potential consequence of your weaknesses or negative traits.

Learn to sell if your’re shy.

Learn organization and minimalism if you’re not orderly.

Get customer service experience if you’re aggressive and not agreeable.

Learn to negotiate if you’re extremely agreeable.

Learn to exercise if you’re not industrious.

Learn to solve problems if you’re negative and easily depressed.

Learn to cook if you eat out too much.

Learn to write if you have poor communication skills.

Get sales experience if you fear rejection.

Learn acting and public speaking if you have difficulty expressing yourself.

Being an introvert has advantages at some situations.

Being an extrovert has advantages at other situations.

Introverts and extroverts don’t have the advantage at all situations.

Some situations require you to talk, express yourself, share stories and push others to act.

Extroverts excell at these activities.

Some situations require you to shut up and listen carefully at what the other person is saying.

Introverts excell at these activities.

The wise person is neither introvert nor extrovert but adapts to what the situation requires.

It’s always a good idea to learn both.

If you simplify:

Extroverts can speak and share stories comfortably.

Introverts can listen well.

It doesn’t matter what your preference is, you need to learn both skills.

Your advantages don’t apply to all situations so you need to change as the situation requires.

I never imagined myself in a job where my primary role is talking to people.

I always saw myself as just working on a computer.

Become an introvert some of the time.

Become an extrovert some of the time.

Introverts enjoy speaking to other introverts.

One of the good goals you can set for yourself is to become more whole.

You’re not expected to master both skills.

Can you behave like an extrovert for ten minutes if you’re an introvert?

Can you behave like an extrovert for five minutes?

Can you behave like an extrovert for minute?

Can you ask five questions?

Can you practice one question?

You shouldn’t force yourself to do something.

Negotiate with yourself instead.

What are you willing to do to practice?

You can’t do 10 minutes.

Can you do 5 minutes?

Can you do one minute?

Can you do ten seconds?

If you can become an extrovert for 30 minutes, that’s a GIANT advantage at job interviews.

If you can become an extrovert for 60 minutes that’s enough for many higher tier sales and public speaking jobs.

Lower tier jobs require a five minute transformation.

Don’t use general statements like:

I’m not good at talking to people.

Be specific.

Can you speak to:

What if…

Can you…

You can’t fix “all of the above” but you can work on one thing at a time.

I’m not good at introducing myself to Americans over the phone.

I’m not good at giving instructions to kids in person.

I’m not good at asking questions to older men.

When you define the specific problem, you’ll determine the best solution to your situation.

You also want to avoid phrasing your weakness in sentences that sounds permanent.

I’m not good at speaking in English.

I’m not good at talking to people.

I’m bad at selling.

My family is poor.

I am stupid.

All these statements sound permanent.

Here are alternative things to say.

I am practicing speaking every day.

I am working on my communication skills.

I am learning how to sell effectively.

My family was in a difficult financial spot in 2008.

I’m spending a lot of time learning skills.

Ask yourself what you can do?

Ask yourself how much time you are able to do.

Work with what you’re comfortable with at first.

You are allowed to get skilled as soon as you can get your habit rolling.

Narrow down what you’re willing to do.

I can’t talk for 1 hour.

I can talk for 1 minute.

I can ask two or three questions.

Do that.

Then slowly increase what you can do as you get more practice.

One advantage of working with me is I’m not an expert ever since.

I learned how to get better.

So I’m intimate with the learning process.

I’m familliar with how to transform what doesn’t work to what does work.

Second nature is difficult to teach.

Boxing analogy.

Not all great athletes make great instructors.

You want to learn from the coach.

The fighter isn’t likely to teach as well as the coach does.

Different skill levels require different kinds of instruction.

Count and Mass Noun. Rice, Sand, Grass. These are words that you can’t count because there’s so many of them.

Grammar rules are difficult to recall from memory but as Filipinos we know the rules by heart.

When we listen to Filipino comedians making jokes using wrong English.

We all recognize and laugh at the incorrect English of these jokes.

Advantages of working from home.

You can earn ₱11,000 more because you don’t need to spend time and money in your commute.

You still need good clothes when you work from home.


We ask our stidents multiple times if they will do the writing exercises.

There are people who pay and don’t do the practice exercises needed to move forward.

You should teach your kids the value and advantages of speaking in English if you’re a parent.

Get your kids to write about:

Small daily activities carry over to the big important English conversations.

Speaking English well helps when you are trying to sell.

People who speak English are more likely to have money.

Many people who are limited to just one language is stuck in this area.

I shared the story about my advantage for knowing English in a job that doesn’t require good English skills.

Remove redundant words.

Focus on giving detailed step-by-step instructions.

Teaching a child example.

Don’t say clean your room.

Pick up the toys from the floor.

Move the toys into the toy box.

Explain the complete step by step process because you are teaching.

Ayusin mo buhay mo is a bad example because it’s not specific.

You need to learn to be specific.

If you have a difficult time reading Filipino, you may be naturally inclined to learn in English.

Your mistakes are likely going to repeat in your future communication.

Correcting one error allows us to fix all future errors.

Focus on finding the small repetitive mistakes.

Benefit of top tier schools.

The advantage of studying in an expensive school is not the standard of education but the standard of bullying.

The kind of bullying that you’ll receive in an expensive private school is higher level.

You’ll get bullied because you’re ugly or they want to steal your money in a low level school.

When you get bullied

Your bad English will invite some kid who’s the son of a big shot who also happens to have years of martial arts training to bully you in an expensive private school.

Talk about martial arts.

I recommend Jiujitsu, judo or wrestling.

Martial arts like boxing, muay thai and arnis might be horrible because they’re too effective and will likely get your kid some early jail time.

When did I overcome becoming an introvert?

What’s the more specific question that I should be asking?

Have I outlined and defined all the elements of the process?

Solve 1,000 small problems.

You likely won’t overcome your problems any time soon.

Avoid general questions like:

How do I overcome NAME OF PROBLEM.

Identify the small parts of the problem you need to fix.

Fix the small problems one by one.

It’s always a good idea to focus on solving the problem where solving the problem is relevant.

That’s how we approach the training.

I’m not good in English.

I’m trying to get a job.

I’m going to study the grammar and pronunciation of sentences that I’ll use to getting a job.

Make small adjustments until you get the task right.

Analogy of learning new skills to Learning How to Cook

Remove redundant words.

When trying to correct your own sentences, check if the sentence will work independently.

Will the sentence have the same meaning if there are no other sentences included?

It is good practice that people are busy and distracted and will not be able to read our complete message.

We need to practice giving our messages clear points.

Will the sentence mean the same thing if I change one or some of the words?

I teach kindergarden.

I teach high school

I teach college.

In this example, I replaced the receiver (kindergarden, high school, and college) and the format doesn’t require changes.

Envy is a useful emotion.

Envy tells you what you truly want.

Envy informs you that other people can achieve what you’d like to achieve.

We all have the same physical hardware.

The only difference is the information that you feed your mind.

Whenever you feel negative emotion, do not suppress it.

Pay attention to your negative emotions.

Negative emotions often tell you that you’re either:

  1. Violating your personal values or rules.
  2. You’re not doing your best.

Instead of suppressing envy or desire, encourage yourself to ask intelligent questions.

Ask questions about jobs and skills if you don’t have enough money.

The quality of the questions that you ask yourself will determine the quality of your life.

Be mindful if the noun is singular or plural.


Tenses should be consistent.


Origin of Grammar Rules

Organization of Observation.

Stories need to have a logical progression.

Event 1: I go to school.

Event 2: I go to work.

Event 3: I go home.

Editing past work.

Discussion about depression.

Write about stories in your past that’s bothering you.

Reason why painful past experiences nag you.

If you haven’t written a map, recipe or strategy, your brain will repeatedly show you a video of that happening.

Whenever you feel depressed write it down then look for the lesson.

Active and Passive Voice.

More grammar corrections.

Don’t use your favorite songs and movies as passwords.

Be mindful of gender of your pronouns.

Check if the sentence has the same meaning after you made changes to the word.

Convert all your ideas and stories from Filipino to English.

Opprotunities working from home.

This was a long but enjoyable session.

I am praying for your success. God bless!

If you made it this far, you should introduce yourself.




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