If you avoid pain, you avoid happiness.

The reason why we don’t get what we want in life is we avoid things that we are afraid of and we avoid pain. The problem is we go out of our way to do so.

We build walls to avoid pain. We avoid things that are painful. The sad thing is the walls that keep out pain also keep out happiness.

  • We don't want to be made fun of so we never practice English.
  • We don't want our mistakes pointed out so we never speak in English. - We don't want to get rejected so we never look for a job.
  • We'd rather be a bum than to face our weakness.
  • We'd rather make our loved ones suffer. To have them pull our burdens and pay for our survival with their blood sweat and tears.

Sometimes we say it’s their duty.

We tell them they “didn’t have enough to send us to college or get us the course we want or didn’t have the business or investments that we’d like.”

The truth is that’s how far they could take you.

Your parents suck because they are playing a game that you should be playing.

It’s not your parent’s job to design you a great life, it’s yours.

I hated my mom because of a long list of excuses why my life sucks.

Years later, I realised that my life sucks because I handed the responsibility to her.

You can’t give your Counterstrike or DOTA or PvZ or Left 4 Dead or LoL game and expect them to be better than you. It’s your game. They’re playing their own game as well and play yours. Pick up your controller and play. Get good.

Kill some monsters you’re avoiding and support them when you get stronger you lazy bum.