I learned that what I beliefs and expectations are my only limitations.

In other words, you can achieve anything.

Here’s the thing.

It takes work.

It takes effort.

It is achieved over time.

There are steps and stages.

Just take the next level.

If you fail, try again.

Try differently. Use the lessons learned from your failure and try to reach further.

You sometimes don’t feel that you’re making progress but after a year or maybe a two or three year period you will notice how different you are.

Buy a notebook and keep a journal. That way, over time you can compare your past self with your future, current self. That is not a typo.

With that in mind, what accomplishments do you want to achieve?

What skills do you want to master?

My examples include being a better communicator, being a better writer, being better at disciplining my body, being better at handling my money, being used to exposing myself to uncomfortable situations that will benefit me.

By the way, I’d like to point out..

Where you are right now is perfect. Be thankful. God is guiding you. Learn new beliefs. Learn new skills. Change your life.

Take your next step..

Now it’s time to practice taking action. Leave a comment about your answer below.