What Kind of Computer Skills Are Required In A Call Center?

June 15, 2012 • written by

Depending on what kind of call center work you’ll be doing computer skills are important. Forget that, computer skills are a basic skill in life right now. A lot of people I got to talk to tell me that they do not have computer skills or aren’t computer literate. When I asked further questions, I found out the opposite to be true. So instead of writing about the required call center computer skills, I’ll just ask you a few questions to determine your computer skill level. Are you cool with that?Great! Like you have a choice.

Congratulations you’re computer literate. Advanced questions:

Very good. You’re knowledgeable with computers.

I’m not playing with you. That’s all you need to know about computers. Some companies will require that you can type around 20-30 words per minute (sometimes, more) but that can be learned. There are games for that. Go to Google and search. Free typing games or typing tests. I prefer typing games over the serious ones. It’s as boring as hell.

You can also increase your typing speed if you write a blog. I now have a typing speed of close to 40wpm because I want to type faster so I can just type my thoughts on the blog post as if I were just dictating it. It does take some time though.

Where did this fear come from?

Some people are just too lazy to learn and they make excuses.

The other honest mistake is that they believe that someone who’s good with computers is someone who can tear open a computer and put it back together or do programming and other stuff like that. That’s not what call centers need.

Call center companies need someone who can answer the phone and type in some information on the computer. They need you know basic stuff like where the keys are. Maybe copying and pasting text and stuff like that. Do you understand? Good. Now what other questions do you have? Send me a message.

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