What is a BPO?

June 15, 2012 • written by

One question we often get asked is what is a BPO and how is it related to call center work.

In this post we will discuss what a BPO is and how knowing about it can help increase your chances of getting hired in a call center.

Understanding what a BPO is will enable you to understand what kind of job you are getting in to and as a result you can prepare better.

BPO stands for business process outsourcing.

A business process is simply a seriece of steps necessary to the survival of the business.

Example of business processes include:

Outsourcing is asking someone to do something for you and paying them for it. You outsource something because:

We outsource tasks regularly.

Business process outsourcing is the same as outsourcing our tasks, except they’re outsourcing business processes. Almost any business process can be outsourced. Here are common outsourced business processes in a call center.

These are the top three. A lot of Call Center Jobs are in these three fields. There are more but you’ll find out about that later.

Was I able to explain this part clearly?

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