What Good Call Center Companies are Hiring in Manila? Where Do I Apply First?

March 25, 2013 • written by

Dear Kevin,

What call center can I apply in? I’m new in Manila and I want to work as a call center agent. I hope you can help me. I don’t know where to start. What Call Center companies are hiring in Metro Manila? I hope to get your answer soon.


New In Manila

Dear New in Manila,

I get the question “where do I apply” a lot. Not just from people who are new in Manila but for people who are about to start to apply.

Call center companies are expanding and have moved to bigger locations so when it comes to the address, Google is your friend.

I always recommend starting with the popular big BPO and Call Center Companies since you can learn a lot in the process whether you pass or fail.

You have better opportunities because they are stable companies. If you manage to get hired the offer will be better.

Some of you may say, if I fail, I will lose the opportunity. To which, I answer, if you fail, you may reapply after six months which has rarely happened to me because after visiting 16-30 companies I end up settling for an offer that I like and I’m sure you will too.

In no particular order here are some call center companies that are hiring in Metro Manila.

(If you’re a call center recruiter and you would like to be added to this list please email me.)

So there you go, more than a dozen to start.

Where do I get the other call centers? Take note of call center companies and what looks like call center companies in the area you are going to. Whenever you apply, make new friends at the waiting area. Ask them: What companies have they been to? How was their experience? Where are they going next?

If it’s your first time to apply then people are likely to help you.

That’s how I started my job hunt and that’s how I got a lot of job opportunities.

Whatever happens, just feel free to contact me with your questions. Just remember to ask Google first if you need an address.

God bless.

Kevin of Call Center Training Tips Blog.

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