15 Tips For Walk In Call Center Applications

June 15, 2012 • written by

I’m a fan of walk in applications.

Early on, when I started working, my first few jobs were from walk-in applications.

It took me a bit over a month till I landed my first job and at the moment, it takes me about a month before I find work in a company I like that pays what I am asking for.

I’ve prepared some tips that I learned from experience and use when I’m applying for work.

Most of them are pretty self explanatory.

I recommend you go back to this list and check if there are any areas I suggested that you need to work on. Feel free to ask me at the comments or email me if you need help. I plan to elaborate on each item on the list but you better start applying for work already so you could treat me to lunch or dinner when you get hired. I’m not really OC about these tips but when you apply for work you got to keep things professional. While it’s tempting to learn all these new things all at the same time I recommend that you practice one at a time and improve as you go.

Here are some things to keep in mind when applying for work in a Call Center:

First Impressions are really important.

You need to be at your best self when you face your interview. You only get one shot per company so you better make it count. You have to look good, feel good, sound good and smell good. While most recruiters will want to hire you for your English speaking skills and confidence they also look at factors like how you can fit in or contribute to their company and they don’t mean Bad breath or BO. They also try to check for hints at leadership potential by peeking at personal areas of responsibility, which in other words could mean how you care for or carry yourself.

Begin Speaking in English In your Head.

In a call center, your communication skills are more important than your, race, creed, color, religion, sexual preference, educational attainment and is pretty much one of the most equal opportunity employers in the Philippines. The only requirement is to speak in English well. In my previous posts, We talked about some tricks on how to speak better using “sossy mode” and with confidence using “celebrity mode”. This by far has been the most important tip. Most of the people I taught who did this were able to find work and their English has improved ever since. Doing this lets you naturally speak in English fluently over time and the earlier you start and keep doing this the better things turn out for you.

Before an Interview:

Sleep Early The Night Before.

We need you 100% on the Call Center Facility. We also need you to be at your peak so you better get enough rest the night before.

Start Early.

If you start early, you can apply at an average of 2-4 Call Center Companies which isn’t a bad way to maximize your day.

Have Breakfast.

Like in sleeping early, we can’t have you thinking of food or worse, hunger while taking an exam, having an interview or doing a call simulation assessment. Gas up or run the risk of running out of gas when you’re near the finish line.

Look Good.

Comb your hair, Shower, Press your clothes, be neat. Every effort you put in to looking good contributes into your confidence

Feel Good.

Start your day with a smile, pray, do something that contributes to your well being. Do your best to generate good vibes for yourself that day. It’s definitely going to help.

Smell Good.

Take a shower, take an extra shower if you have BO, brush your teeth and use mouth wash if you have persistent bad breath and finish with a spray of cologne or perfume before your interview. Stay away from smoking areas before your interview. Bring some mints or if you can, brush your teeth before an interview.

Be Presentable.

Wear semi formal or smart casual depending on what’s comfortable with you. Get to the Call Center recruitment office early and freshen up as soon as you arrive.

Maximize Your Walk-In Application by bringing multiple copies of your resume.

We don’t always make it on our first try. Luckily, the more attempts we make, the higher our chances of finding work. I recently talked about how Call Center Companies mostly practice One Day Process when it comes to their screening process, so with that in mind, you can find out immediately if you passed or not. Move on to the next one immediately after.

Bring your list.

In the home work, I asked you to make a list of things you’re proud of and a list of weaknesses you want to overcome. Read your list as you arrive at the Call Center Interview Site. Your list will help you answer the usual interview questions in a way that you’re uniquely you and at the same time, not boring your interviewer by copying somebody’s answer.

Additional Tips to Make Your Call Center Application Experience Fun:

Start Furthest from your house and move closer to your house bit by bit.

Make friends in the waiting area and/or smoking area. Preferably with the cutest one you’ll find.

Never eat alone – See previous tip.

Ask for Help. – After every interview, I ask my interviewer for some tips on what to improve with how I did during my interview.

Know Other Nearby Call Centers and Attack Within The Area.

More attempts lead to better chances. If you failed your interview the first three times, chances are you already figured out how to do things right the fourth time. You’re not perfect and it’s okay.

There are a few hundred call center companies in Metro Manila alone. Each big center offers a few thousand jobs and every small one offers a minimum of 10 jobs. You’ll never run out of opportunities.

Finally.. Whatever the result is remember to say it’s just practice and can do better next time. What can you apply now that will help you start?

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