We all talk to ourselves in our head. The question is what language are you using? A common problem shared to me is that when we try to share our ideas we think of it in our dialect and the I we translate it in English.

Let’s think about how that works. We say what we want to say in our language. Then we think of the right words in English to use. Then we combine the words. Then we work on maybe editing and double checking what we want to say. After all we need to make sure that we don’t make a mistake right?

Here’s the thing. Not matter how you look at it this is too long a process for speaking and its too inefficient.

The Philippines is a country where we are blessed with multiple languages and I think that’s an advantage.

Here’s a more efficient way to approach things:

Instead of talking to yourself in Tagalog, talk to yourself in English. In fact think in English. That way you get free practice and more practice hours with how you speak. Even if you are speaking to someone in Tagalog or your local dialect, think in English then translate it to Tagalog or your dialect.

You’ll have a smoother flow of words whether you’re speaking or writing. Just think in English.

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