At the end of the questioning phase, the interview asks, do you have any questions for me. Most people say they don’t have questions. I acted like an idiot and decided not to ask questions. You see in school whenever the teacher asked questions, asking questions meant that the class got extended and instead of learning we are free to socialize and do non study related activities. Because of that, I trained myself and others to pretend that they get everything and not ask questions. My dad had, on multiple questions, reprimanded me from asking questions that he regarded as stupid. My questions reveal how far my level is from his. I’m super low compared to where he is. But the thing is, I realized that if I decide not to ask questions, I will stay at my level forever. Sure I avoided finding out how low my level is, but I also avoided finding out how far, I’ll need to go or how hard I need to work to achieve higher levels of success. So I decided to look like an idiot (to myself, honestly others don’t care, they may laugh or launch remarks that may hurt you but people don’t care about you nor should you care about their opinions if it doesn’t help you get the life that you want.) and ask the questions.

Here’s the most useful question I’ve discovered that I can ask when I was job hunting in the call center industry.

It’s my first time to apply and I was hoping you can give me some tips on the next part of my application.

How did I do in my interview with you? Can you give me a few tips on what to improve?</strong>

Pull out your notebook and prepare to write down what your interviewer says. Shut up and wait for an answer.

Follow up questions: How was my pronunciation? Are there errors that I’m making that stood out during the interview? How would you suggest I correct the error?