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Here are the top articles that you should read if you want to get hired in a call center.

Don’t miss these opportinities because you can’t speak in English.

Call Center Interview Tips

If you need help with your interview skills.

Resume for Call Center Application

A good resume is like a brochure that will make the Call Center Recruiter want to call you. Follow my format and get more call center interview invites:

English Skills for Call Center Application

English is a primary skill in a call center. Improve your English with these tips:

Confidence to Work in a Call Center

Confidence is important. The lack of confidence is the most common reason why people don’t get hired. Here are some tips to overcome confidence issues:

Call Center Job Application

If you’re not getting hired, here are some general Call Call Center Job Application Tips

Call Center Success

Here are some tips about personal development, inspiration and motivation. Succeeding has more to do with collecting advantages and using failure to make yourself a better person. Here are some

Hired as a Call Center Agent

Our relationship doesn’t end when you get hired. I’ve written some tips on how to succeed in life as a call center agent.


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A Shy Person’s Guide on How to Get Hired in a Call Center by Kevin Olega.

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  • 30 days of email lessons and activities
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  • Application Coaching and Strategy
  • How to become Top Agent
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