The Right Way To Spend

July 03, 2016 • written by

Spend time with people who want you to win.

Spend time with people who have the skills that will be useful for you. Learn from them.

Spend some money to reach out to these people if you don’t have them available where you are.

Commute, offer to buy them coffee or visit them with food.

Spend money on books that will teach you skills or inspire you to be a better person.

Spend money on classes and lessons to teach you useful skills.

Don’t compromise. Live life instead of viewing it through Facebook.

Use the internet to your advantage. Instead of facebook, educate yourself, connect with people who will make you better.

Use money to your advantage, instead of spending it all on temporary pleasures use it to pay for advantages like skills and connections.

Use your time to improve yourself and have fun.

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Always remember that if I can do it, you can do it too.

Successful people are willing to experience temporary discomfort and do difficult activities that unsuccessful people are NOT willing to do so that they are able to build the life and enjoy benefits that unsuccessfull people will never have.

I am always praying for your success.

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