Smile To Sound Better When You Talk

November 12, 2012 • written by

A smile can often get you out of unfavorable situations. -Sai (Naruto Shippuuden)

Smile when you talk. They say a smile can be heard on the phone.

Why the heck is this important?

A person who’s smiling is more

pleasurable to listen to than a person who’s not. You sound better. You appear more confident, attractive and excited.

I smile during interviews when I pause to think. I smile as I give my interviewer my answer. I smile because I am grateful for the opportunity. Grateful because a they are considering me.

Grateful that I’m prepared. That I have a lot of things to offer. I smile as I respond. For some reason it helps.

Back in high school I thought characters who rarely smile were awesome so I copied them. I had trouble making friends because of that move. Bad ass or “mataray” (for girls) does not equal awesome. Not smiling repels potential partners, jobs and other opportunities.

Practice smiling. Not like a crazy person though. Just practice smiling. Do it now. It takes a bit of practice to learn but it will help you.

At this point I think I already made my point so lets leave it at that. :)

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