Disclaimer. If you’re a guy and you have friends who are violent when drunk do not do this. Then again if you always win drunken brawls like I do then you are free to do so.

In a drinking session I sometimes start speaking or explaining things in English when I’m “half drunk.”

At a certain point I realized that after speaking in straight English at a drinking session, I was pretty good. I often drink with friends who spoke in English, or are foreigners or friends who understand how crazy I can get when I drink too much.

Pay attention to how you speak and try to get better.

There was one time when my best friend invited me to a drinking session at his house where he introduced me to some of his workmates. I played with them by pretending that I have a hard time speaking to them in Filipino. I actually have a bit of the hard time but I exaggerated by speaking in English through out the drinking session. I gave them a story of how I get beat up at the house for speaking in Filipino so I can speak only in English and got too used to it. I told them I understood Filipino and gave them permission to talk to me in Filipino while I only answered in English.

They bought my story. It was a fun drinking session. I somehow felt like I was being a dick but I think it was a good experience.

Have you tried doing this in a drinking session? Share your experience in the comments.

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