I follow a simple rule in life. I can’t force you to do something you don’t want. I may not like it but I’ll have to let you chose the next step. You might see me beg or use puss in boots eyes but once you convince me that you’ve said no, I’ll pretty much respect your decision.

A no can be a not now.

I wanted to work as a call center agent. I didn’t get hired immediately. Instead i failed atleast ten interviews and my resume got ignored by ten more.

As soon as I improved I gave it another shot and I can pretty much can get any call center job if I want to.

If the no means you’re not yet ready, then the best solution is to prepare.

What do you need to improve and where can you learn it?

When you’re done try again.

Keep testing yourself.

A no can be a not there.

There are limitations to what I can do. I still don’t have that paper that says I finished college. Some companies will hire someone who graduated from a course with a totally unrelated topic than to hire someone with seven years of experience of working in different business processes. Yes it’s unfair. Their no means not there. That’s why as soon as I found out that these rules can’t be broken, I focused my time somewhere else. Many will want to hire you. Some won’t. No can mean not there. Your job lies somewhere else.

**Pay attention to your fears too. **

I realized later in life that my fears are the best guide to where I need to be.

The more I am afraid of something the more I need to do it. Best selling author, the superman of Silicon Valley and champion kick boxer Tim Ferriss said that “The amount of success you will achieve in life is in direct proportion to the amount of difficult conversations that you’re willing to have.

My fears point to awesome life changes and my biggest regrets. If I didn’t do something because I was afraid, that led to my biggest regret.

If I did something despite being afraid, I’d find out that behind the fear was something awesome.

Fear leads to awesome life changing events. If fear comes to greet you, don’t run away from it. Run toward it and give it a hug. Behind your fear is something awesome. Something you’d like and within your reach. Don’t run from it. Run to it.

Don’t lose common sense though. It’s not an excuse to jump from buildings and do motorcycle stunts.

Submit that resume. Attend that interview. Show them your good qualities. Ask for help. Smile. Tell them something awesome about you. Do something to make them smile. Start a conversation in English. Leave a comment. Email me. Send me pizza. Kidding.

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Thank you for reading. If I can do it, you can do it. Praying for your success.