I helped grow a call center training school in Quezon City, Makati, and Ortigas.

Eventually the company opened their own small call center in Ortigas. Unfortunately, the owner of the company went to the States and the company closed down.

I helped build the initial program and did research on how to find work in a call center from back in 2005 when I was asked to apply at well known call centers in order to learn the recruitment process and to understand how to qualify for a call center position.

I then further tried to improve and found a way to put what I learned to good use by teaching and giving tips to friends who are looking for work in a call center.

I did this for about two years and I’ve been giving away these tips for about four years already.

I am not an English major. I am not a communications graduate. I only have about a year of work experience at several call centers and just two years of work in a call center training school. I only had one year of college, which is a blessing because call centers accept high school graduates and only a handful of strict ones require two years or a degree in college.

I learn about things through research and experience and the help of people better than me.

What I offer is just me sharing my experience on how me and my colleagues and friends were able to help several people find work in a call center.

I am not an expert in grammar, pronunciation or accents. My skill is just slightly above average. I can teach you a bit about it but its not as comprehensive as classes done by college professors.

My training focuses more on building confidence while speaking in English, correcting common grammar and pronunciation mistakes, basics of call center work, and preparing for call center interviews.

At the moment I am not charging anything for access to this site and the free weekend training I do at our house. I do it as a hobby and to help a few friends. I opened it up for other people to make friends and because I enjoy helping people find work. I also enjoy teaching either in person or through my writing.

I would also like to make money from this activity in the future but for now, I would like to just offer this service for free as part of my helping others/charity activities.

If you’re good with that, you’re invited to participate by either reading the contents of this site or sending me a message for free lessons.

UPDATE: I eventually worked in a call center. I have been working in a call center for three years. In my first year I almost failed regularization. My new boss told me that my previous boss recommended me for termination. He didn’t stop there though. He helped me identify my strengths and overcome my weaknesses and eventually I got regularized. The same month I was awarded top agent for customer feedback. The following year I was awarder top agent again for the most number of repair calls converted into sales. Using the same method my boss taught me, I just got really better at what I did. If you’re interested I can also teach you. Just send me a message.

Update 2017: I have left the call center after three years. I was top agent twice and was classified super agent for the day.I now work from home taking care of foreign clients with their business. I used the call center money to buy the computers I need for a home based work setup, I bought the tools to build a beautiful kitchen, I bought a few bikes to take care of my transportation and I enrolled at CrossFit to help manage my depression.

Do you want more of these kinds of posts? Please let me know by sending me a message. I’ll do my best to answer when I’m online.

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Thank you for reading. If I can do it, you can do it. Praying for your success.