I kept telling her we’d get married. I failed. She waited six years but got tired and left. Now she’s married to someone else. I kept telling myself I’ll save enough money for the wedding and the life we’d have together. I’m barely making ends meet. My secret fear was not making it and I held it in, worried and struggled for many years. It turned into reality.

I’ve read every book that says you need to be positive and keep going and learning. I read Maxwell, Kiyosaki, Jim Rohn and Brian Tracy and I’ve copied every lesson into my head and on my notebooks.

I only understood parts of the equation but not the full thing.

Failure taught me what I was missing.

The time I spent without her was spent learning skills to win her back. It took me three years and I spent all of it depressed but I learned how to get my body back in shape. I can now lift 220lbs and do 1 arm push-ups. I can strike a heavy bag non stop for three five minute rounds. Bike thirty kilometers. Climb Mt. Makulot. Climb Mt. Pulag. We had this thing for lying down, sharing stories and looking at the stars. I learned how to take care of my money. I now have savings and enough to start a small family and buy nice things. I built a small kitchen that has tools that can keep up with celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. I started a small feeding program. I built this small online community. I learned how to cook and bake meals you’d normally only get from a fancy restaurant. I learned lessons from people who are happily married for decades. I learned to keep my depression in control long enough to get something important done. And then I learned I can never use the skills I collected for her on her.

I was devastated. I thought of new goals. I lie down in a fetal position wanting to cry. I couldn’t. I have this disorder where I couldn’t actually cry so I cry in my imagination. I stay in bed for hours.

Some days I’m inspired to do something. Despite that. I end up reaching maximum level in the iOS game Injustice:God’s among us. I reached level 25 in the game Summoner’s War in two months something my friend achieved in six months. I just played everyday and learned one new thing and tried it every few days.

I lost an online job and my side job to my depression. I’d rather just play games. Think of my failure like a wounded James Bond thinking of Vesper.

I try to pick myself back up by writing posts to turn my misfortunes into life enhancing events.

We all want a better life. Sometimes that requires a change like switching jobs or learning a skill. Whenever we look at our goals and and we feel overwhelmed, we sometimes stop doing it. We say demotivating things like “that’s impossible” I do. A lot.

Working on goals are scary. I hate it when people tell me I wasted my time. That I should have done something else instead. That I sacrificed many things for nothing.

Other people are discouraging. My dad is. My mom is. Even me.

I found out that going for your goals is scary because this involves leaving your comfort zone. This involves learning new skills and techniques and failure to learn in time will result in failure.

  1. Skip the deadline. Give yourself enough time to grow. Sometimes it takes a month or several months to learn a skill. If you give yourself an unrealistic deadline you'll be hating yourself as a result. I know this because I can remember how many times I felt worthless because I convinced myself it takes less time to learn a skill or to achieve my goals.
  2. Identify your goals. On a piece of paper write your goals down. It's important to write it on paper. If you don't you will forget. Using paper is the most important step. It enables you to commit to something you see. Paper has power. Learn to use it.
  3. Write down the details of your goals. What do you want? Why do you want it? What benefit will you get when you achieve it? What consequence will you get if you don't achieve it? When do you need to achieve it? Knowing your goals enable you to achieve your goals
  4. Understand how to break your goals down. This takes a little longer to memorize and understand. How do you eat an Elephant? One bite at a time right? Now I want you to read this out loud and memorize it. Goals require the completion of tasks. Tasks require a set of skills. Skills are a collection of techniques. Techniques are a collection of moves. Moves are steps done in the right sequence. Learn the steps. The smallest thing in the equation.
  5. Learn and practice the steps. Until you get it right one at a time.
  6. Identify opportunities. What step did you miss? What would you do differently? What small adjustments can be used to correct some errors? What would make the difference? If I add this step to all the tasks will the result be success instead of failure? What step can I skip? When can I skip it?
  7. Do it every day. If your goal is to get hired in a call center what do I need to work on every day? Should I be sending my resume online? Practicing my English? Practicing my interview skills? Practicing correcting my English? Do it everyday.

I have an everyday training offer. If you send me your globe number. I’ll give you a call everyday for fifteen minutes for five days to help you get hired in a call center. Yes I’ll call you for a week. I’ll answer all your questions to help you prepare.

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