I totally suck. I used to think I’m below average but now I realized I suck. When someone tells you that you suck the person cares for you right? He or she is on the lookout for your welfare and doesn’t want you to be hurt or urging you to improve or do things their way.

I suck. I know. Nobody’s paying attention. As I work on what I’m working on, my job, my blog, my business, somehow I notice it gets better. Possibly the benefit of keeping things secret is that when fruit comes out it’ll be a surprise for everyone.

I sucked at writing and building websites. Now I reach thousands of readers with my message.

I suck at a lot of other things. I know I’ll be better. I suck means I’m doing something. It’ll work or not work. It’s my art.

To learn martial arts I got beat up. To learn grammar I got laughed at. To learn to write I got corrected. To learn business I lost money. To learn who to trust at work I got backstabbed. To learn the value of love, I lost…

To succeed I’ll probably fail a lot. What else is new?

I suck means I started. I suck means I’m still here. I suck because I’ll learn. It’s part of life.

The alternative is to do nothing or to settle with what you don’t want. I’d rather suck now than to suck it up like you’re doing.

Sucking is a better alternative.

You won’t suck forever.

What do you suck at?

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