Early in my career, I learned that people who set goals were a lot more successful than people who don’t set goals. It makes sense. When we want to go out for a meal, since we don’t have a target place to eat to, we spend hours driving around looking for a place to eat. I feel it particularly with my share of the gas bill. It’s been ten years since I started working. If you set your goals, you know what you are looking for and it’s easier to spot.

If you have goals set.

  1. Know what you’re looking for.
  2. Know what you need to prepare in advance.
  3. Recognize opportunities to achieve your goals.
  4. Get more goals accomplished.

Having goals in life is like going to a “bring me” game knowing full the list of things they want you to bring before it’s called.

If you have no goals set.

  1. Spend lots of time trying to figure out what you want to do.
  2. Miss opportunities because you are not prepared.
  3. Opportunities are often vague and left unused.
  4. Get little or none accomplished because you don’t know what you’re doing.

That said I’ll teach you how to set goals.

  1. Get a pen and paper. 2. Write your goals in large fonts. There’s a certain confidence from writing in large fonts. Checkout my article on the Minimal Changes Blog. 3. Look at your goal for 30 seconds. Check for spelling errors. 4. While imagining your goal smile and take deep breaths. So you can use your creative part of your brain. 5. Add as much detail as you can. Specifics. What? Where? How? How many? And so on. 6. Write down 10 ideas on how to achieve your goals or move your goal forward. 7. Be flexible with the method. If method 1 doesn’t work. Try method 2 until you hit method 10. 8. Keep your old list of goals. It reminds you of what you accomplished and what you haven’t done yet. 9. It’s okay to change. Some goals don’t get worked on because it’s not important to you anymore. When you don’t have something like say a car, or an iPhone, I just assume it’s not important to you because you didn’t work on it. I just presume you worked on something else and achieved that instead. 10. Pray about your goals. Its easy to grind through the tasks when you feel that the creator of the universe is on your side and assisting you. 11. Take the smallest step then take another step. Goals take time building a house requires more than 200 nails and more than a hundred bricks or plywood. Many people tell me “I quit! This is hard! Motherfucker!” after reading two lessons from my blog. Well “Fuck You!!” It takes longer for me to write it, encode it, spend money to publish it on the internet, than you to read it, try it and you can get a job and money and the success other people only pray about and dream of you piece of shit. I use my rest days and free time you ungrateful fuck. I have a site with about 200 lessons. I built it 1 post a week over the past few years. Big goals take more time because you need more parts to collect and assemble. 12. Goals take time. As I’ve said. Big goals take more time because you need more parts to collect and assemble. You build it part by part and over time the small things you do add up and you have what you need to get to the next step and without you noticing you have achieved your goal. If your goal is to go to Baguio and even if you’re just walking if you put one foot in front of the other, eventually you’ll get there.

I’ve tried this goal thing for 10 years and I’ve achieved 80% of all the things that I want in life. Some people would say that’s a lot of trouble for just 80% shouldn’t it be 100%. Well I don’t know you dumb fuck. Pulling out a piece of paper and drawing out a plan and thinking of the best approach before spending my time doing something and get 8 out of 10 things ain’t such a bad idea.

This is the most important things you can do in your life. You’ll know this maybe ten years from now. You’re welcome.