How to Have Super Powers

October 23, 2012 • written by

My ten superpowers.

  1. I can sense a cute girl 300 meters away from me even if I’m looking at the opposite direction. They all have enchanting smiles and chinita eyes.
  2. I can dodge, parry and block fast moving objects without needing to directly see them. I often stop or move back to dodge speeding cars I did not see.

  3. I have a fifty fifty percent chance of making you say yes. I also have a fifty fifty percent chance of making you smile.

  4. I can make you forget the passing of time if we get to talk. I can do it over the phone or in person. We can speak for hours and hours without you noticing.

  5. I can make smart girls smile, like me and tell me their life story. For some reason I can’t get this power to work not too smart girls.

  6. I can use technology and my writing to teach you things and send you ideas even if I’m not physically present. I use the call center training tips blog or the Facebook page or my other blogs that you can check out here.

  7. I have super human strength. I can lift things by myself that normally require two or three people to lift. Sometimes this hurts my back though.

  8. I can make time move slower when I am late. For some reason time moves slower when I am late. If I’m meeting you and I’m late waiting for me will feel like hours instead of minutes.

  9. I can copy super powers. Whenever I see an ability I find awesome I copy it, imitate and have it.

10.I can make up superpowers. Whenever I want to do something really boring, I create superpowers to help me do it or to excite me to do it.

Bonus: I can lose 20lbs of fat in thirty days without exercise.

Why is this important?

I got my superpowers because I just said that I had them. I somewhat pretended. Some of them required a bit of practice. Some I mastered with experience. Others required study.

Mostly, at one point I wanted these powers and they became reality for me. You can do it too. In fact you’ve done it too as well. Now this can work against you as well. We think of something negative and we make it reality in our lives.

I will be forever alone.

I’ll never get hired in a call center.

I’ll always run out of money.

I’ll always fail my interview.

Nobody will like me.

I’ll never be worthy.

And just like the super powers it will become part of your reality. That’s right. Whenever I declare negative things into my life they influence my next actions. I call them curses. Stop cursing yourself.

What I believe affects how I behave. So I pay attention to my thoughts. If I’m going emo because I miss someone, I just need to recognize that and I’ll have better thoughts later on.

Consider what I said and use superpowers instead of curses.

Did what I just said made sense? Talk to me.

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