If I doubt myself then it’s all over -Uzumaki Naruto

I noticed that many people focus on the past opportunities that they missed that they no longer see the opportunities in the present.

It’s okay to fail. Failure means you tried to make it work. Failure means smarter decisions next time. A loss means a gap between the requirement and what you have. It lets you know what you need to offer next time.

Maybe you have it already you just didn’t speak up. Possibly you didn’t see it as something important then. Maybe you haven’t learned it yet. Regardless this shouldn’t leave you scarred for life.

You can learn anything with time and exposure. Just practice. You’ll get better.

There are more challenges ahead. Get better with your skills and your confidence and how you carry yourself.

You’ll get it eventually just as I did. I’ll be here to guide you along the way.

Whether they say yes or no to you it’s okay. You just used them for practice.

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