We don’t always expect things to work according to plan. The good news is we can learn something useful from situations we don’t like. Things didn’t go according to plan for me in the past year and as a response I made an effort to remind myself that even though we don’t always agree, life is 90% blessing and 10% lessons that makes us better people.

Lessons are often painful. I know that for a fact but when you’re fighting for something you got to learn to take hits.

When we go to interviews, we don’t always get to the next step. Sometimes it’s just not a match. In any case, I believe that you shouldn’t leave an interview empty handed. Even if they say you didn’t pass or the more subtle “we’ll just call you” or whatever variation of the rejection.

At the end of an interview ask your interviewer for some tips so when you go to another interview you’ll be better prepared. As I write this, I also remember that even if I passed, I still ask for some tips for the next process. I’ll say something along the lines of:

Hey "Interviewer's First Name", It's my first time to apply, maybe you can help me out. What do I need to improve on?

I then pull out my notebook and pen to write down my interviewer’s comments to show them I’m serious (You should be). Memory’s often unreliable so practice taking notes during this part. At the end of your interviewer’s comments ask for additional tips and thank them for their time and the help.

In my experience of doing this, I found out that interviewer’s are generally nice people and are more than willing to help you out.

Just ask. This way you’ll find out what you need to work on faster. Otherwise they’ll just assume that you don’t care enough to improve yourself to get the job.

Pay attention to the tips and improve in that area. Be better and try again.

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