How to Enter the Call Center

April 22, 2014 • written by

There are many things that you can do to get hired in a call center. These are the top two that worked for me. Walk in applications. Just go to a call center recruitment area and apply. Tell them you’re applying for the post or you’d like to inquire about open positions then hand in your résumé. Online applications. It’s doing the same thing online. Create a Jobstreet and jobsDB account then send your application to every company hiring for your position. Prepare to get phone interviewed then just show up as scheduled. What I like about the top two approaches is I don’t have to wait for my friend to refer me or something external to move me forward. The more cards you have in your hand the better negotiating power I have when it comes to salary negotiations so I make sure I have a good number of companies to visit. The more options I have the more relaxed I feel about every interview because I know that if I make a mistake I’m just going to go to the next company on my list and take what I learned from the previous company interview and use it on the next one. What methods got you hired the last time?

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