Your beliefs determine how you behave - Tony Robbins

Whenever I suck in life I focus on how much of a loser I was or how dumb I acted or how many mistakes that I made. The thing was whenever I’m stuck sulking at how bad things are or how bad I am, I end up repeating the same results. Self depreciation reinforce repeat performance. If you believe that “you suck” your mind will work hard to make sure that your performance will suck and you will continually repeat the preformance. If you believe you’re awesome, you’ll find a way.

The purpos of this post is to get you to realize how awesome you are and to get you to repeat that in your future activities and challenges.

Here's a quick guide

Identify the following:

  • Blessings Include everything that you're grateful for and thankful for. Blessings are not limited to just one event.
  • Accomplishments If you approach everything with the mindset of being grateful, you will be able to make use of everything that you already have and are blessed with. Instead of looking to people who have what you wanted, you can actually look at what you've accomplished and translate that into success in other fields that you intend to explor.
  • Success Steps are steps you have done that got you success. Think of a way where the same steps or similar steps can be used in a new field that you're trying out.
  • Success Formulas A lot of lessons are transferable. If you're cooking, you need a recipe which include a list of ingredients and steps. You execute the steps on the ingredients in the right sequence and you can apply it in what you are exploring. What recipes do you already have and see what you can apply to problem solving, call center work, sales, customer service and so on.
  • Success Moments are times when you were successful at something else. Remember the feeling you were successful and what you were thinking to help you identify if the opportunities. The idea is you can replicate the feeling at the right moment.
  • Manipulate Self Doubt you don't want your doubt get in the way of your success and don't argue with it. Instead of fighting the self doubt instead of changing what its trying to say change the voice or the character or draw something
  • Reaffirm "How Awesome You Are" If you replicate the feeling and the steps and you've written all your blessings and accomplishments you have a long list of things to look at. In fact you can make a video or record your accomplishments and listen to it.

You have the means to do it. You just have to do it. Successful people have habits that bring them success and failures have habits that bring them failure. If you know that you’re doing something right make it a habit. If you know that you’re doing something wrong, stop doing it or replace it with a success habit. I gained success by imitating the steps of people I admired. You make something habit by repeating the steps many times until you master it. This applies to Martial Arts, DOTA, Cooking, Going to the Gym, Saving Money, Sales and looking for work. One success habit I recommend you start with is taking action. So go get a pen. Write down your list. Watch this video as many times.