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Consider this:

  • If you’re a shy person and don’t have a job, you don’t have a job because you have limited communication skills.
  • You have limited communication skills because you don’t practice.
  • You don’t practice because you are afraid of making a mistake or looking foolish.
  • You don’t ask for help because you believe you are shy.
  • For some reason you may or may not be aware but you just don’t want to give others the impression that you are disrespectful or pushy.
  • To a certain extent you actually are disrespectful and pushy to the wrong people.
  • Such bold accusations, Mr Kevin Olega! “I am not!” you tell yourself.
  • To which I say, consider this scenario as another way of looking at things: Tell me in the comments or send me an email if you agree or disagree:
  • You have the guts and/or balls to be jobless and depend on others for your needs and survival. You are dense enough to ask your spouse, your parents, friends or other family money.
  • You take stuff without returning value.
  • What value are you delivering?
  • What value would you like to provide others?
  • If you’re not aware, value is what you provide in exchange for money.
  • People who have money deserve it because had generated value for others.

Would you like to know how to create value for others?

  • Write down a list of your strengths. If you identify your strengths, you will know what you are good at. Strengths may include your skills and/or attitudes and/or habits that you benefit from. You can use those gifts to serve others.
  • Write down a list of your weaknesses. Your weaknesses are challenges that can be overcome and will give you a glimpse of what you can do for others in the future. I had bad communication skills, when I got good at speaking and sharing my message, I started teaching others to do the same in person and through my writing. Sharing about a weakness you overcome inspires other people to take action and improve their situation.
  • Write down a list of accomplishments and things you are proud of. Accomplishments tell us what we can do. Sometimes it mirrors personal achievement and sometimes it is a reflection of how blessed we are with skills and situations. Having a list reminds us that we can get things done. It enables us to believe that we can. When we believe our best performance is unleashed.
  • Work on making your list include at least ten items each. Having the list improves your confidence and gives you a physical document of what you can do and what you can work on.
  • Write down the possibilities you see after completing the list. Do you see a better future? After doing the exercise please share your experience in the comments bellow.