Make friends with people you look up to. 

Watch stories that move you to take action. 

Learn from people who have done it. 

Observe people who failed and consider doing the opposite. 

Do something small that moves you forward. 

Life happens here and now and not in your imagination. 

Instead of overthinking try something small. 

One prayer. 

One question. 

One step of an activity. 

One small move is all it takes. 

Then you’re  moving. 

Then you take another step. 

Then you’re at you goal. 

Then you achieve your goal. 

Then you move on to what’s next. 

That’s how it often goes. 

Just like the last several things you achieved. 

I was born naked without the ability to speak and no knowledge of the world. 

Then I’m here and now with everything I have. 

This is not the end of my journey. 

I’ll face challenges. 

I’ll win some. 

I’ll lose badly to a lot of it. 

I’ll learn. 

I’ll grow. 

I’ll die. 

But it will be fun. 

Because I choose the do something worthwhile. 

My journey inspire others. 

Just as the journey of others had inspired mine. 

Starting today I’ll convert my good intentions into action.

I’ll use my body to answer prayers and bless others. 

Just as God uses other people to answer mine. 

Kevin, the stranger from the Internet is praying for my success he als answers questions so I can get a job. 

I got this. I won’t let the effort go to waste. 

I’ll start by recognizing my blessings and the resources and effort that my parents and the people around me had put in and I’ll make the most of it. 

I’ll stop reading now and take action.

**This post is written by Kevin Olega. **

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