Don’t look for things that guarantee success. We don’t know the future or how things will always turn out in the end. Look for things that contribute to success. When we have enough life will run out of excuses to not give us the kind of life that we want.

You can do anything. That includes landing your dream job. Sometimes it’s difficult. Sometimes you fail. The only reason is you don’t have the skills or the skill level that your employer is looking for. That is fine.

Skills and attitude are ingredients that contribute to achieving your goals.

The good thing is that ingredients can be acquired. You can copy, learn, practice and eventually master the use of ingredients.

On the outside, attitude and skills don’t look valuable and that’s the reason why for the longest time we stopped picking up new ones. Just as learning to properly clean your room and make your own meals, positive skills and attitudes unlock opportunities.

I landed several jobs because of skills and attitudes I picked up.

I got my first job because the hiring manager was interested in martial arts and I promised to teach him. I learned the basics of sales in that job and became more positive about it than the other person. A few months after I got hired by a sales manager and made a good income doing sales related work. I improved my sales skills and practiced learning how to train in a part time job and eventually got offered a job at a call center school. While working there I volunteered to do a job and eventually I was offered an opportunity in a recruitment company. I learned about different opportunities I could explore and took some action. I was able to increase my income then.

If learning a few small things took an idiot like me to different places. Many people still think I’m smart. I’m not. Imagine where learning new things will take you.

I believe you can do better. With the right skills and a good mix of some ingredients, mostly what you already have we can take a step closer to landing your dream job.

I’m currently learning how to cook and it turns out that watching a lot of cooking shows had made me better at my job and at teaching others. I’ll teach you a lot of new things in the next few posts.

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Thank you for reading. If I can do it, you can do it. Praying for your success.