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Back when I was focused on sales work, I learned a simple and painful lesson about numbers. Here goes. The numbers tell us the whole story. Instead of wondering why you don’t have the results that you want in life a few simple questions that you ask yourself that you can only answer in numbers will tell you why and what you need to do. When I learned this technique it was in the context of financial success and sales. The questions are as follows.

For financial success…

  • In the past five years, how much money have you saved and invested?
  • In the past five years how many books related to business and finances have you read?
  • In the past five years how many classes to develop your skills have you attended?

In sales…

  • How many customers bought from you last week?
  • How many customers did you meet last week?
  • How many customers did you call to schedule a meeting last week?
  • How many hours did you spend working last week? Hard questions. I imagine you whispering to yourself. Some people complain about how a call center job isn’t for them. Here are some questions you might want to ask your self.

In the past week…

  • How many interviews did you go to?
  • How many online job applications did you submit? - How many hours did you spend practicing English?
  • How many friends do you have to practice English with?
  • How many people do you have who you can ask to help you practice that you haven’t asked yet?

On a scale of one to ten (ten being the highest)…

  • How would you rate your interview introduction?
  • How would you rate your ability to give instructions?
  • How would you rate your ability to tell stories?

  • Aside from what you learned in High School or College how many classes and seminars to learn skills have you attended?
  • How many books have you read to develop your skills?
  • How much money do you spend on leisure entertainment and fun?
  • How much money do you spend on food?
  • How much money do you spend on your gadgets, internet and cellphone?
  • How much money do you spend on the gym?
  • How much money do you spend on making yourself a better person by learning skills?

If you want to be healthy study health.

If you want to be happy study happiness.

If you want to be wealthy, study wealth.

If you want to be successful study success.

Success is a Study.

If you don’t study you don’t pass the tests.

Life will give use many opportunities in a form of tests.

If you pass the test you get the benefits and rewards.

I know that these are all hard questions.

The sooner you look at the answers.

Without judgement, analyse the numbers.

The past is the past. The future is all that’s worth discussing. - Game of Thrones.

If you focus on finding the good you will see the big picture.

The next set of questions I want to ask you are..

Are you okay with the numbers that you have answered to the questions?

  • Do you believe that the numbers have a relation to your current results in life?
  • Do you believe that if you improve the numbers you will improve your chances in getting a job?
  • What are you doing to improve the numbers?

If you agree that you need to improve your numbers I can help you add the numbers that contribute to landing a job but I’m a really hard person to convince. Send me a message on why I should assist you in getting hired in a call center.

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