Yesterday, I did my second free tutor or coaching based call center training at Shopwise Sucat and it went pretty well. I was supposed to do it at our house but we’re still not done cleaning up the living room. It felt so encouraged that some people step forward to put themselves in a position to learn. Me and my student learned a lot from each other.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we discussed:

  • A short background of call center work and the requirements.
  • Checking for common and obvious pronunciation errors and working on them.
  • How to introduce yourself during an interview.
  • Building a resume.
  • How to apply in a call center.
  • Learning hacks and tips for the application.
  • Here’s what I learned from the experience :
  • Make sure they have homework before meeting up because the homework takes a big chunk of the two hour session.
  • Position yourself as your favorite artist or actor or famous personality.
  • Most people can speak in English well however they have something holding them back and I need to address it first before they begin.

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