Here are commonly used words with silent letters for your reference. There’s no easy way to learn it other than being familiar with how it’s pronounced. Familiarity is a result of repetition and over time you’ll intuitively know which one has silent letters. Reading through the list I found out that I’ve been mispronouncing some words and its embarrassing to discover that it’s a word I use often. Just read each one aloud. When my time frees up I’ll produce an audio so you can listen to the pronunciation. For now just practice on your own.

Words with silent B:

  • lamb
  • thumb
  • numb
  • crumb
  • climbing
  • bomb
  • comb
  • doubt
  • plumber
  • limb
  • debt
  • tomb

Words with silent D:

  • edge
  • hedge
  • Wednesday
  • handsome
  • handkerchief
  • badge
  • wedge

Words with silent G:

  • gnome
  • gnarl
  • sign
  • resign -design
  • foreigner

Words with silent H:

  • what
  • when
  • why
  • which
  • whether
  • ghost
  • honest
  • hour
  • while
  • white
  • where
  • rhythm

Words with Silent K:

  • knife
  • knee
  • knot
  • knitting
  • know
  • knob
  • knock
  • knickers
  • knuckle
  • knight
  • knack
  • knew

Words with silent L:

  • almond
  • palm
  • kolk
  • calm
  • salmon
  • calf
  • half
  • chalk
  • talk
  • walk
  • folk

Words with silent N:

  • Autumn
  • damn
  • hymn
  • column

Words with silent T:

  • witch
  • fasten
  • castle
  • watch
  • butcher
  • scratch
  • listen
  • match
  • Christmas
  • mortgage
  • soften
  • often

Words with silent U:

  • guest
  • guess
  • guitar
  • guard
  • building
  • guilty
  • rogue -vogue
  • vague
  • biscuit
  • tongue

Words with silent W:

  • wren
  • wrote
  • wrestling
  • wriggle
  • wrinkle
  • sword
  • whole
  • wreck
  • two
  • wrap
  • wrong
  • wrist
  • writing

In case you’re wondering the word I often mispronounce is “almond” and “salmon” two of my favorite food and both have “silent L”.

Some additional pronunciation tips:

  1. Always remember to practice.
  2. No need to memorize.
  3. Take note of what you’re saying right and continue doing it.
  4. Write down what you’re saying wrong and make corrections.
  5. Be patient and eventually you’ll get it right all the time just like I do.

As I’ve said, I plan to create an audio for this. If I forget, send me an email to call center training tips at gmail do com. Praying for your success. God bless and take care.

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