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If you’ve been coming back often you probably noticed a few changes in Call Center Training Tips.

The goal of Call Center Training Tips is to provide assistance for people who want to work in a call center.

If you have friends who want to get hired in a call center but would need a little help with their confidence or English skills then this I prepared this for them.

I’ve been hard at work to accommodate a few requests to make it easy for you to share the lessons with your friends.

Here are the changes I’ve done so far:


I created a facebook page. Updates on this site will show up on your facebook page if you like or subscribe to it. You can also share the posts there so your friends can see.


If you’re also on twitter, I also opened a twitter account for you.


If you have friends who would like to have someone to personally help them in their job hunt, I put out a services page. I could help out with their resume or with their confidence or interview skills. More details here.


I made it easier to reach me by adding contact forms on the contact or services page.

If you benefited or enjoyed the lessons please feel free to share with your friends or send me a message or leave a comment.

Thank you very much,

Kevin Olega webmaster of Call Center Training Tips

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