You want to get hired in a call center. But you have obstacles and challenges like fear, doubt, weakness and so on. I’m an undergrad, I’m socially clueless, super shy and saw myself as a loser. We all have things holding us back. We’re not confident because we don’t know what we have.

If I ask you to pull out your cellphone and I asked you if it’s an iPhone, an Android or a Nokia you would know the answer right? If I asked you if it had a camera, Internet, touch screen or a physical keyboard you know right? If I asked you why you bought or how you got that phone you can tell me the story. If I asked you why you like it you would be able to tell me.

Sadly more people know their phones better than themselves.

I hate giving memorized answers and I’m never going to recommend that you copy and paste famous interview answers. If you go to an interview do you think of the answers when you’re asked questions or do you know your answers in advance. Instead of memorizing the questions I recommend knowing about yourself first. Doing so let’s you think and answer interview questions better. To do this effectively I’ll ask you to write a list of the following:.

10 Accomplishments or things you’re proud of.

10 Positive Adjectives or nice things people say about you.

10 Weakness.

10 Fears

If its a past weakness or fear, what did you do to overcome it? If its present weakness or fear, what are you doing to overcome it?

10 Reasons why you want to work in a call center.

10 Superpowers that you have or want to have.

10 favorite English speaking actors or actresses.

10 favorite tv or movie characters and one quote from each.

Want me to help you personally get hired in a call center for free? Send me your answers. Must be complete with ten answers each and include 100 questions you might have for me. If you send me your resume I’ll teach you how to fix it for free.

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Thank you for reading. If I can do it, you can do it. Praying for your success.