I get many messages from people who want to work in a call center. I’m grateful for all the reports I get from readers on how they got hired in a call center. I’m inspired when someone tells me that after reading my blog and following the advice they got hired in an international call center despite their disadvantages. Occasionally somebody sends me the full story of how they got hired. Every now and then I get invited for lunch, dinner or a few beers because they got hired or their spouse got hired after reading my tips.

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Interestingly enough I also get messages from people who are quiting on their goals. They try to convince me why they couldn’t get hired or they send me a message that they are looking for a call center that only has Filipino clients. They tell me that it would help because they can tell the international call center that they have call center experience. That is wrong of course. I only spent one year in college and I got hired in a call center without any experience in a local call center.

When I worked as a recruiter for a call center, I had a short list of questions for myself when screening an applicant:

  • Can this person communicate well in English?
  • Does he share his thoughts, ideas and message clearly?
  • How often does the applicant make grammar and pronunciation errors?
  • Is it tolerable?
  • Is this person confident with how he or she speaks?
  • Do I enjoy speaking to this person?
  • Is this person listening to what I am telling him or her?

If the applicant fails endorse the applicant to the person who will tell the applicant that we will just call him or her. Of course we never do. We’re too busy looking for better candidates.

When I worked for the call center training school 90% of our students who were sincere with their intention got hired in and international call center 30 days or less. Not everyone got hired. Some of them took low paying jobs. They stayed as fast food attendants, parking ticket girls, mall store clerks, drivers or they stayed unemployed. Sometimes I keep a number of a student and ask them how their life is after a year or two. Sometimes I get a good report, sometimes a sad story filled with excuses and failure.

Recently people are telling me that they are giving up. I have enough messages and I feel I need to respond to it. If I fail then so be it. I can tell myself that I did my best to help my readers forward. This is probably my harshest post to date. Every time I felt like giving up, one of my close friends would step in and give me some straight talk. This often offends or hurts me but after listening to it I know exactly what to do next.

My dad taught me that if all my friends tell me nice things about me all the time even if I’m doing something wrong then all my friends don’t contribute value to my life. (In his own words. Walang kwentang tao lahat yun kung ganun.) He then tells me that if my friend tells me that I’m wrong and what to correct if I mess up even if it risks ruining our relationship then those are my real friends.

I want to be that kind of friend to you today. You can stop reading now if you’re not interested but if you’ve read this far then I know that you’re sincere in getting hired. You could have given up a few paragraphs back but didn’t.

If you feel like giving up on your goal then I want you to sincerely ask yourself the following questions before you give up. Each question also works as a clue to guide you in what to improve next.

What is the reason why you want to give up on your goal to get hired in a call center?

After you’re done please select the reason bellow why you want to give up and ask yourself and answer the questions provided.

My English Sucks:

I don’t have confidence:

  • Did you write down a list of your accomplishments?
  • Did you write down a list of nice things people say about you?
  • Did you write down a list of things that you need to improve?
  • How many times did you read those lists to realize how awesome you are?

I don’t have the skills:

  • How many days did you practice to work on those improvements?
  • How many books have you bought and read to help you get hired?
  • How many times have you read all the posts in this blog?
  • How many times have you read this blog out loud?
  • How many times have you searched Google on how to pronounce a word correctly?
  • Have you even tried paying someone to teach you?

I keep failing in the Job Application:

  • How many call centers have you applied in?
  • How many online applications have you sent?
  • How many interviews have you had?
  • What points of improvement did your interviewer tell you to work on?
  • Since then how many times have you had conversations in English to correct your errors?
  • Since then how many times have you worked on improving yourself?
  • How many times have you looked at a failure and realized that it is a puzzle that you can solve and you have a better chance if you try again?

I don’t have money:

  • How many times have you eaten in a fast food or restaurant?
  • How many times have you loaded unli on your phone?
  • How many times have you hanged out at Starbucks or serenity?
  • How much did you spend last time you drank alcohol?
  • How many times did you spend to stay at a motel?
  • How much did you spend in the past few weeks when you went to the mall?
  • When was the last time you went to a road trip or traveled out of town? How much did you spend?
  • How many times did you upgraded your car, computer, motorcycle or gadget?
  • Which of the examples can you stop spending on so you can invest money to improve your skills?

I don’t have time:

  • How long were you logged in to facebook yesterday? How about the day before that?
  • How youtube videos have you watched?
  • How long did you spend browsing memes on 9gag?
  • How long did you spend watching the news or some Filipino soap opera?

There are only two reasons why you fail. Either you tell me that you can’t or you tell me that you are not willing to put in effort to make it work.

If you say you can’t I don’t believe you. That’s bullshit. Just admit that you’re not willing to do it. I’ll understand. Don’t lie to me that you can’t. I have a waiter who is now an agent. I have a tricycle driver who’s now a senior agent. I have a movie house ticket lady. I have a security guard and a taxi driver. I have a highschool graduate from a public school. They all studied. They all practiced. A lot of them have backgrounds where people laugh at them for trying to speak in English.

What’s your fucking excuse?

Last year, I went out with a girl from China. As I write this post, I’m embarrassed that one day she’ll get to read this since we’re still friends. I’m embarrassed that I have to convince you to put in effort on working to have a better life. I’m embarrassed that many of my Filipino readers need this. Is this the kind of mindset my countrymen have? Fucking pathetic! (Note: Saying fucking pathetic is a good practice for correcting P/F and Th sound errors. For more pronunciation tips visit this post.) People tell me they’re embarrassed that their English sucks so they avoid it. Be embarrassed enough to improve it. Practice your English. Don’t run away from this step. If you avoid mistakes you’ll never know how to correct them yourself.

Many years from now you’ll remember that a guy on the blog told you the truth and made you angry. He told you that you were wrong and you need to change and that he was right.

What kind of report will you give me? Did you achieve your goal or did you give up after reading this?

If you’re not willing to improve please unsubscribe from my lessons and never visit my blog again. Please unlike the call center training tips facebook page and unfriend me if we are facebook friends. I do not want you in my life. I do not want to hear your report on how you gave up. Just go fuck yourself.

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Thank you for reading. If I can do it, you can do it. Praying for your success.