Each of my lessons are available on my blog http://callcentertrainingtips.com free of charge. All you have to do is to read it and practice.

Call center training tips is a website I put up to assist my friends who would like to work in a call center but need help preparing for their interviews.

Eventually I added stories about difficulties that I encountered and how I overcame each one. I also tried to answer as many questions as I can think of.

As the site got popular, I got several thank you messages from my readers, encouraging me to write more. Some offered to hire me and some gave me free stuff. Some donated money and some promoted my site. As a result I thought about other ways I can assist my readers.

I wrote a book that I planned to sell for two hundred pesos a copy but decided to give it away for free on the site.

I set up a free newsletter that provides updates.

I’m recording myself on video and audio for additional free practice material for my readers.

Despite hating facebook because I don’t have good discipline and spend way more time on facebook than I’d like, I opened a facebook page to answer questions every Monday between 10am-12 noon. I also answer specific questions in the comments section and on email.

I offered services for a small fee as a way to help pay for my website’s hosting and other expenses related to maintaining the website. This is not my full time business. I have a full time job. I use this platform to help others and I charge fees to pay my costs.

Before you ask me for free support, please keep in mind that I already spent hundreds of hours building the site for you. All you have to do is to read it. Test it on yourself. Let me know what worked for you and send me a message or something to eat.


Kevin Olega web master of callcentertrainingtips.com