Be Proactive Instead of Reactive

January 23, 2016 • written by

People who are proactive tend to believe that their response to their situation determines their results.

People who are reactive tend to believe that their results are based on their circumstances.

A person who is proactive practices faith. We exhibit faith through our actions. I don’t often refer to Bible reference but in the book of James it is said that faith without action is dead faith.

A person who is reactive surrenders to circumstances and blame results on fate.

Obstacles to being proactive.

Blame is responsibility redirected to an external entity. An example is it’s my boss, parents, sombody’s or God’s fault this is happening to me. Justify. Taking pride for unfavorable results from incorrect execution or strategy.Examples are making excuses. Complain. Wasted energy focused on the problem instead of a solution. Examples are usually generalizations without a solution.It is always bad. You are always wrong.

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